Damage more pronounced on bottom of chip.

iPhone 5 Boot Error: [NAND ] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout :601 physical nand block offset 1

If you have an iPhone 5 that is failing to boot with the first line reading, “[NAND ] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout :601 physical nand block offset 1” the issue can stem from several different problems. Listed in order of most to least common:

1)  Damaged front facing camera or Proximity Senor

2) Damaged FF camera flex cable or connector partially seated

3) Damaged or failed Compass/Accelerometer IC.

The first two are easy to test for; simply unplug the FF camera flex cable from the board and reboot. If it boots successfully, turn the device off, plug it back in carefully and reboot. If it fails once again, than the FF camera/ proximity sensor  assembly is almost certainly damaged and should be replaced.

If the device still fails to boot after removing or replacing the FF Camera/Proximity Assembly, the next culprit may be the Compass/Accelerometer IC. This chip is located directly to the right of the FF camera/Proximity sensor FPC on a small protrusion of the logic board. A device was recently brought to us with a badly smashed screen and it was failing to boot with the above error. Examining the IC under a microscope revealed it was the culprit, and after removing the chip the device immediately was able to boot (though the compass and screen rotate functions are disabled). We have ordered up a handful of replacement chips (IC 8963, U16) and this iPhone will soon be back on its feet.

Logic board ready for a new IC.

Logic board ready for a new IC.

Top of chip, damage visible in lower right hand corner.

Top of chip, damage visible in lower right hand corner.

Damage more pronounced on bottom of chip.

Damage more pronounced on bottom of chip.


iPhone5S bluescreen, bootloop, error 14 9 cause.

iPhone 5S Blue Screen, Bootloop & Restore Error 14 or Error 9

It has been awhile since we did a blog post however we wanted to share some information regarding a problem some individuals doing their own iPhone 5S screen repair have had and in fact some shops have also had. The mistake is easy to make however, the problem it creates is rather immense. The problem occurs when replacing the 4 screws that hold down the plate over the screen connectors. If the screws get swapped and one of the longer screws is placed in the hole for the shorter it will damage the logic board. The phone will boot loop, displaying a blue screen at the end of the boot loop and if a restore is attempted it will fail giving an error 14 or error 9 in iTunes. Here is a photo demonstrating which screw is causing the issue:

iPhone5S bluescreen, bootloop, error 14 9 cause.

iPhone5S bluescreen, bootloop, error 14 9 cause.

We were recently brought a phone that had this error made during reassembly and took it under a microscope to see what could be done to repair it. Here are a few photos with captions detailing what we found.

After desoldering the screw nut from the board, the outlook is not pretty.

After desoldering the screw nut from the board, the outlook is not pretty. For reference, the dark circle inside the shiny ring is 1mm.


After cleaning the surface it is easy to see the circular cut in the board made by the too long screw.


As we begin to remove the top layer of the circuit board you can just start to see one of the 7 traces that runs through that circle


A few more traces start to emerge as the board removal continues. The width of these copper traces is 50 microns (a little narrower than a human hair.)


We stop removing board material at this point (hence the dark spot in the middle of the circle) because we had uncovered all the traces that were damaged.

Finally, we are able to repair the severed traces.

Finally, we are able to repair the severed traces.

Needless to say this is a repair that requires the right equipment and significant board level repair experience. If you made this mistake yourself or took your phone to a shop that made this mistake and damaged your phone please send us a message or give us a call and we would be glad to help get your phone back up and running.


iPhone 5 Screen Repair Service Price Drop!

Have you cracked or shattered the screen on your new iPhone 5 and are now cringing at the repair or replacement cost? Good news, the prices for our screen repair services have just dropped! 

Black Model (any capacity or carrier)

White Model (any capacity or carrier)

iPad Mini Screen Repair Services

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We are happy to announce that the iPad Mini Broken Screen Repair Services are live! If your iPad Mini has a cracked or shattered screen, check out the links below for repair pricing and information. Otherwise, enjoy our disassembly video of the iPad mini. Also, for a limited time use Coupon Code HOLDIAY12 for a special discount on any of our repair services, cases or accessories.

iPad Mini Screen Repair Service (black model)

iPad Mini Screen Repair Service (white model)

iPod Touch 5th gen Disassembly video

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As promised, we completed our iPod Touch 5th generation dissasembly and screen repair video. You can view it below or head over to our youtube channel here.

We will be offering a full range of iPod Touch 5 repair services in the coming weeks, and we all ready have our screen repair service up:



iPhone 5 screen repairs are live!

We have just lauched our iPhone 5 broken or cracked screen repair services! We are excited to be able to perform the repairs for Apple’s newest offerings, so if your screen looks anything like the below image head to the links for a quality repair service with 24 hour turnaround. In the next week or two we will be posting our iPod Touch 5th generation teardown and screen repair preveiw so if you are curious, stay tuned.

iPhone 5 black model repair:
iPhone 5 white model repair:


Custom iPad 2 colors are in!

We are excited to announce the release of our custom iPad 2 custom color change services. We can replace your white or black screen with a cool custom color; here are the current color options and a snapshot of one of our office iPads we converted for the fun of it. If you are in interested in getting yours replaced you can find the services here.

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